The Fastest Way To Take Your Drum Skills From Beginner To PRO

With Drum Nerds Workout Sticks, you can drastically increase your hand speed and endurance by just warming up on the practice pad at slow and medium tempos.

The Fastest Way To Take Your Drum Skills From Beginner To PRO

With Drum Nerds Workout Sticks, you can drastically increase your hand speed and endurance by just warming up on the practice pad at slow and medium tempos.

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Anyway, the cut your warmup time in 10 mins
Learn new drumming techniques faster
Perfect for both beginners and seasoned drummers
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15 minutes of practice a day and my hands improved so much. Love these drum sticks!
Cornelius A Drumming for 20 years
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Does Drumming

Practice Take Too Much Of Your Time?


Do you often notice like you’re spending way too much time just to get a slight improvement in your drumming skills?

And then you spend a few days away from the practice pad, and you feel like you’re rusty on your performance again…

Do you ever feel like a song is too fast for you, or you can't play at higher tempos for too long.

Do you wish to drastically improve your hand speed, endurance and control?

We know how demanding playing drums can be.

if you are a professional drummer, then you’re always looking to improve your performance and stay on top of your game. And if drumming is your hobby, you must have other things to do in your life and can’t spend a few hours a day practicing on your practice pad. In both cases, there is one way you can improve your drumming skills while significantly reducing your practice time – Deliberate Practice.
The idea behind it is to deliberately practice harder to make regular drumming easier.
It’s just like runners preparing for a long-distance running competition.

Let’s say two people are practicing for a 2-mile distance.

One is running precisely 2 miles every day, and the other runs 8 miles.

Which one will do better in the 2-mile competition?

Of course, the second guy! Why? Because if you practice more challenging routines, you’re ready for the easier stuff. The same goes for drumming. If you train with drumming sticks that are heavier than regular sticks, your hands will adjust to that weight.

And once you switch to the regular sticks, your hands will fly!

Practice Makes Perfect With The Right Equipment

Now that you know the best way to practice, you need the right tools to help you on your way.

Here at Drum Nerds, we are passionate about helping drummers improve their skills, and for that reason, we have developed our Workout Sticks.

They are the only Workout Sticks in the world with a shiftable weight, which allows you to increase and decrease your workout resistance.

And if you want to practice new rudiments or techniques, you can set the Drum Nerds Workout Sticks to “practice mode.”

It slows down the sticks and helps you learn a new technique and store it in your muscle memory.

Take Your Drumming Skills To The Next Level

So, how exactly can Drum Nerds Workout Sticks help you?


Why Choose

Drum Nerds Workout Sticks?


What Does The Package Include?

Your set of Drum Nerds Workout Sticks Comes with:
1 pair of Workout Sticks
1 pair of stick weights (practice weight transition technology)
2 Allen keys
2 additional Allen key nuts
Marthyn Jovanovic
Founder Drum Technique Academy
If you buy the Drum Nerds Workout Sticks today, you’ll receive a Workout Stick introduction course by Marthyn Jovanovic for FREE (sent via email).

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Drum Nerds Satisfaction Guaranteed


You can improve your drumming speed and technique with Drum Nerds Workout Sticks, just like these drummers.

And to prove that we are 110% confident that you will LOVE our Workout Sticks, we want to give you a 110% money-back guarantee!

So, if you buy our Workout Sticks and find them to be anything less than the best drumming workout tool you’ve ever used, we will refund your money and gift you an additional 10% of the price on us.

So it’s time to start practicing like one of the best drummers in the world. With our great Workout Sticks and a rock-solid 110% money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to give us a try!

Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend that you use the Workout Sticks for not more than 15 minutes a day.

- No, the Drum Nerds Workout Stick is exclusively for the practice pad.