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Workout Sticks (1 Pair)

€99 €150

Increase your hand speed and endurance while warming up. Due to the increased workout intensity and specific balance of our Workout Sticks you are able to store specific techniques (e.g. Open-Close Technique, Moeller Technique, Push-Pull Technique) and different rudiments and stickings to your muscle memory way faster.

You are going to see results after your first 5 minute warm-up session already!


  • Stick Weight: 150 g
  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Package includes 1 pair of workout sticks, 1 pair of stick weights (practice weight transition technology), 2 allen keys, 2 additional allen key nuts
  • Designed for regular practice pads usage (cannot be used on the drum set)
  • Introduction Video Course by Marthyn Jovanovic


Try our WORKOUT STICKS, risk-free, for a full 14 days.

110% Money-Back Guarantee!

If our Workout Sticks aren't the best warm up practice tool you've ever used, we will promptly return 100% of the entire purchase price and gift you an additional 10%.


Fewer than 1,000 pairs of Workout Sticks are currently availalbe for non-retail distribution.


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